How to change images in Divi

Feb 22, 2020 | Guides

Changing images throughout your Divi website is super easy! Here’s a quick guide to making basic images changes.


1.Login to the admin area of your website.


2. On the front end (where you view the entire webpage as your readers see it), find the page you would like to make changes to. For example, if you would like to make changes to your home page go to – if you would like to make a different page, it would look something like:


3. At the very top of the page in the black bar, click on ENABLE VISUAL BUILDER with the purple icon.



4. Find the image you would like to replace and hover over it. You will see a dark grey tool bar appear over the image. Click on the little cog icon as per the below.



5. It will then launch a new window. Simply click on the image and it will prompt you to upload a new image or choose from the media library.



6. Try to replace the image with very similar orientation and dimensions. Ie. if you already have a landscape image, replace with another landscape image. Note: choosing a different orientation may effect the desired look/design of the page.


7. Once you have changed the image, click on the green ‘tick’ at the bottom of the module window. That will then save the image module.



8. To change a ‘gallery’ module where you may have a slideshow of images. Follow the above steps. When the image gallery module window opens, you will be given the choice to add images with the + at the bottom of the image thumbnails. You can delete images by hovering over the desire image and click the ‘trash’ icon. You can rearrange by simply dropping and dragging. Please note: it is also advised to stick to the same orientation as the existing images.



9. Once you have completed all images on that particular page, save the page. Click on the purple circle location in the centre of the very bottom of the screen. It may be closed (with 3 dots) or it may be open as per screen shot below. Click on the green SAVE in bottom right hand corner and you’re done!


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