Introducing Studiocart: Increase Your Sales with an Optimised Sales Funnel

studiocart sales funnel checkout software for wordpress

Creating and maintaining a high-converting sales funnel and checkout page can be a challenge, especially for service-based businesses. Unlike physical goods, which tend to sell faster and have a simpler funnel, service-based products need a more optimised funnel to convert leads to dollars.

But a fully optimised funnel means additional coding and hands-on maintenance, right?

Wrong! With Studiocart, you can maintain a streamlined checkout page and high-converting sales funnel with ease.

Continue to learn more about Studiocart and how it can benefit your business.

studiocart sales funnel

What is Studiocart?

Studiocart is a woman-owned WordPress plugin that completely streamlines and simplifies the sales process for service-based businesses. Born out of a need for one plugin that could completely build and manage a branded sales funnel, owner Nicole Evans built and grew Studiocart to what it is today.

The most valuable part of the plugin is its unwavering goal to embrace simplicity. By combining many different sales elements (e.g. coupon creation, custom thank you emails, abandoned cart data, etc.) with an intuitive interface that anyone can navigate, you have a plugin that empowers and helps a business owner increase their sales and profits.

How Can Studiocart Help Your Business?

Studiocart is installed on thousands of WordPress websites, making it a pretty popular plugin for eCommerce websites around the web. We know the plugin streamlines the sales funnel creation process, but let’s take a closer look at the business benefits of Studiocart.

Benefits of Studiocart

The two main benefits of Studiocart are profitability and scalability. Using the tools within the plugin, Studiocart can grow with your business as it helps grow your business. Here are a few features that will ensure your sales funnel remains optimised as your business grows.


Increase Sales

Studiocart Grows with You

Upsell – Turn one sale into 2 or 3 with order bumps and 1-click upsells. Team Collaboration – Customise new order notification emails for different members of your team.
Payment Options – Setup multiple payment options like one-time payments, installment plans, and subscriptions. Schedule Promotions – Schedule order page access and on-sale promotions.
Sales Incentives – Promote sales and create discounts that can be applied via coupon code or a special URL. Waitlist Page – Send traffic to a waitlist page the moment you sell out.
Custom Mailing Lists – Add new customers to a mailing list for communicating the next steps.


You can view all of the Studiocart features on their website here.

Common Studiocart Integrations

Though Studiocart is a one-stop shop for the sales funnel and checkout process, there still may be other tools you would rather integrate into the Studiocart ecosystem.

The good news is that Studiocart has many 3rd party integrations, including an integration with Zapier – which can connect to over 2000 online applications.

The most common Studiocart integrations are ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Convertkit, and of course Zapier.

You can view more Studiocart integrations on their website.

Studiocart configuration is now part of my services! Let me know if you would like to add the powerful sales plugin to your website to increase your sales.



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