Our Bathroom Renovation: Part 1

2 years ago, almost to the day, we purchased our 70’s weatherboard cottage. There is nothing special about our little house. In fact, it’s almost identical to half a dozen on our street alone. It’s very typical of it’s era – 3 bedrooms, 1 (tiny and totally impractical) bathroom and a living area that you could NOT swing a cat in. It’s redeeming feature (sort of) is the 80’s downstairs extension – a decent sized master bedroom with an ensuite that is amazingly even smaller than the main bathroom upstairs.

In the days after our settlement, we quickly set to work giving the house a very basic update to make it a little easier to live in. We painted the gloss yellow walls a fresh white, pulled up the original carpet (I love 70’s style, but this carpet was original the absolute WORST) and ripped out the kitchen and gave it a temporary makeover which we will rework in the future.

We’ve been very slowly making improvements to the house, but we are finally ready to take our biggest step to date. The main bathroom! In all honesty, I don’t think this will be our ‘forever home’, so I have had to keep this in mind throughout our planning and finish selections.

This bathroom has been 9 months in the making. I think I’ve designed over 12 versions of the floor plan as despite having such a small space to work with, we want it all…

  • Large stand alone shower.
  • Bath for our toddler.
  • Ample storage space (as our house overall is lacking).

We currently have a shower over bath scenario and wanted to do all we could to move away from repeating this in the new design. The current bathroom also had a broom closet and linen cupboard encroaching into the space. Whilst the storage is at a premium in our house, we unfortunately had to delete both cupboards in order to make the new space work for a busy family with a small child.

Behold….the before!

Possibly renovated in the 90’s by the look of those tiles? Notice those Hollywood vanity lights?

We decided to absorb the small toilet room into the space in order to give us more options and have landed on a design that should give us everything we want. A decent sized shower with an oversized niche for storage (tick), a bath (tick) and a large vanity and ceiling height mirrors to squeeze in as much storage as we can.


A little bathroom inspiration…

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