The Importance of Pinterest Mood Boards in My Website Design Process

studio la luna moodboard 1

If you’ve previously worked with me to design a custom WordPress website, you would have experienced creating a Pinterest mood board as part of my research phase. This step of my process is not only extremely important in ensuring my clients and I are on the same design page, but it’s also incredibly fun!

Having my clients compile a collection of colours, imagery, graphics, and other forms of inspiration helps me visualise what my clients may not be able to put into words – that feeling or vibe that cannot be described, that certain “je ne sais quoi,” if you will.

Once I receive my client’s version, I set to work creating my own – gathering and adding to the mood board to refine the overall concept and ensure clarity and consistency between all the visual elements. Once approved by my clients, this mood board then informs the visual direction, and I begin to design the overall website concept.

Why are Pinterest mood boards an important part of my process?

  1. Visual Inspiration: Pinterest is a platform known for its vast collection of visual content. By creating a Pinterest board, you can gather inspiration and ideas for different design elements, colour schemes, typography, layouts, and overall aesthetic. This helps you visualise and explore various design possibilities for your website.
  2. User-Focused Design: Pinterest allows you to explore the designs and visuals that resonate with your target audience. By curating a board with images that align with your target market’s preferences, you can gain insights into their interests and preferences. This helps you create a user-focused design that appeals to your audience and enhances their browsing experience.
  3. Collaboration and Communication: Pinterest boards can serve as a collaborative tool, especially when working with a team or clients. By sharing and discussing design inspirations on a Pinterest board, you can foster better communication, gather feedback, and align everyone’s vision for the website. It facilitates discussions and allows for a visual representation of ideas, streamlining the design process.
  4. Organisation and Reference: As you gather various design ideas from different sources, it can be challenging to keep track of them. Pinterest provides a convenient way to organize and categorise your inspirations. You can create different boards for specific design aspects or sections of the website, making it easier to refer back to specific ideas and concepts during the design and development process.
  5. Trend Awareness: Pinterest is often a hotspot for emerging design trends. By exploring popular pins and boards related to website design, you can stay up to date with the latest trends, styles, and visual elements that are popular among designers and users. This helps you ensure that your website design feels fresh, current and appealing to your target audience.

Examples of Pinterest mood boards for website design:

Here are some examples of recent Pinterest mood boards for clients – notice how the simple gathering of visual inspiration can form to very different, unique moods.

  1. Dark, moody and dramatic
    dark mood and dramatic pinterest mood board by studio la luna
  2. Light, bright and playful
    light bright and playful pinterest mood board by studio la luna


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