What does your work from home self care routine look like?

I am the first to admit that I am not great at self care, especially now that I work from home full time.

When I worked in a corporate marketing department, I made sure to take a full hour for lunch – I would leave the office, eat in a local park or take a drive down to the ocean and just take in my surroundings. I would head to our local shopping centre and aimlessly peruse, getting in some extra steps, but just enjoying doing very little during this time. I would use the drive to and from the office to listen to my favourite music or business podcast. It was these moments at the beginning, middle and end of my day that gave me time to reflect, relax and just be.

I think it’s easy to romanticise working from home – late starts, taking an early mark in the afternoons – even taking a day off entirely for yourself because you simply can. But the reality is I haven’t found it to be that simple. As a soloprenuer in a thriving, expanding business – I feel that pressure to always be ‘on’. To be available during typical business hours to my clients, to squeeze in as much as I can working ON my business around my client projects, to strive to hit my personal and financial goals and to assist and service my clients as best I can. The sacrifice to trying to do it all, has been my self-care.

Can you relate to this? How is your daily self care routine going?

In 2022, I am hoping my self care looks very different to what it did in 2021. Recently I came across a self care checklist that really hit home how even the smallest of things can turn your day right around.

My checklist to bring a little self care into my every day.

  1. Make your workspace your sanctuary – fill it with pieces that bring you joy, artwork that makes your heart sing, textures that make you feel warm and fuzzy. If you make your workspace a delight to be in, it can lift your entire day. Turning your workspace into your dream space, might be a substantial investment to begin with, but it will surely pay off with how content you feel being in your office.
  2. Plan for breaks throughout your day – schedule them in! Take a green tea break in the mornings, be sure to leave your desk for lunch or listen to your favourite podcast in the afternoons in a comfy chair – or simply step outside and take a breath.
  3. Treat yo’self – okay, so this is something that I am good at. Every week, I spoil myself with a fresh squeeze green juice and Bahn Mi delivered to my door. My healthy treat is delicious and definitely lifts my mood. If you were to have a weekly treat ritual, what would that be?
  4. Drink more water – make it easily accessible and within reach.
  5. Delegate to others – What tasks can you delegate that allow for you to take a little more time to yourself? Simple outright tasks that don’t require too much direction are the best to be outsourced. Is it your bookkeeping? Social scheduling? Your newsletters?
  6. Get up and stretch – jump out of chair, find a clear space and stretch away.
  7. Celebrate your wins – I am pretty sure I am annoying my husband and business besties with these, but I am sharing even the smallest of wins. These little snippets of positivity through the day reinforce everything I am doing is heading in the right direction.

What does your daily self care routine look like? What would you add to this list as a self care must have?








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